I am a software engineer working remotely for Khan Academy. In my spare time I play piano, compose, code, bike, climb, and play board games. I live in Waterloo, Canada.

Are you a musician and/or developer? You might like Hacklily, an online sheet music editor I have been working on in my spare time. It can save directly to GitHub.

In the past few years, I have worked on tools for accessing historical performance data at Facebook, helped build and run an end-to-end data analysis workflow to identify and help high-risk health insurance members, worked on tools for Stripe merchants, and designed and implemented reports used by parents and teachers to track the progress of millions of students.

I work across stacks. For web frontends, I often use JavaScript (ES6+) or TypeScript as well as React, Aphrodite, and GraphQL. For data engineering, I use whatever SQL is convenient. For backends, I use Python, C++, or Rust. I enjoy learning new things, and try to use whatever tool is best for the given job.

If you are still reading, you might be interested in my slightly out of date resume.